What to Bring

What to Bring

Sadhana Siargao

Things to bring and things to know….

Here is a list of some recommended items to bring with you. You can find many of these items on the island but selection and brands are limited.

1. Mosquito repellent (You can buy mosquito coils at any of the many local shops)

2. Sunscreen (please try to buy “reef friendly” kind. Much of the standard stuff is toxic to reefs and ocean life. Usually all natural zinc based are ok.

3. Water shoes/Aqua sox (shoes that you can use to walk in the water). The rocks and parts of the reef are incredibly sharp. Shoes are often necessary for exploring tide pools or wading in for a swim . it is always more comfortable to have foot protection.

4. There is at the moment only a few ATMS on the island and they often empty out early For local currency you should withdraw money at the airport or change at least some money before arriving. To pay for class it is ok to use US dollars, Pesos or PayPal.

5. Rash guard for surfing and water play

6. Sun hat, beach towel and/or blanket

7. Yoga wear and clothes.

8. Swimsuits and gear. If you plan to surf make sure you have swimsuit that can handle waves and action.

9. Flip flops / beach sandals/Tevas

10. Waterproof bag for island hopping or sudden downpours. You can buy waterproof bags here at many local shops.

11. Waterproof case for mobile phone and or waterproof camera. The ocean is very beautiful and you will be happy if you can take photos while in the water.

12. Reading materials. books, magazines, study items etc. (lots of free time and relax time in Siargao!)

13. IMPORTANT: Yoga Mat - We only have limited yoga mats so make sure you bring your own. The yoga shala floor is wood so relatively soft.

14. Any medication you need. There is a very limited pharmacy here so best to come prepared.

15. Electrical adapters. Most plugs I have seen are US or Japan type. There are other kinds here so plan accordingly.

16. Snorkel and mask.

17. Buy a sim card at the airport if possible. Globe or Smart both usable but I think Smart is the better one near the shala and villas.

18. Specially food items/snacks etc. There are lots of different types of food on the island but if you have special needs, tastes etc then it is worth it to bring your own snacks, supplements etc.

19. Finally a request. If you have old board shorts or rash guards there are many local surf instructors on the island who would be happy to receive them as long as they are in good shape.

Safe travels and see you soon!