Booking and Payment

At the moment it is only possible to book for all six days of the workshop. We may have drop-ins available on site but this will depend on available space. Dropins if available will only be possible for primary class. No drop-ins will be possible for intermediate class.
Please make sure to pay within 72 hours of your registration or your booking may be cancelled.
Please let us know after you have made your payment with transaction details or screenshots so we can confirm. We will follow up with more details about the workshop as we get closer to the date.
There are four options for payment.

Please choose whichever payment method is most convenient for you.

1. Indonesian residents may use domestic bank transfer (5,200,000 rupiah)
2. All students may use credit card. Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay or Amex:($360)
3. All students may use international wire. ($360)
4. All students may use BTC or lightning network.($350)

We will email you all the payment details once you complete the online booking form. Please check your email and after registering. If you do not receive payment information within 24 hours then please feel free to email us at sharathbali@tarik.com

To book for the workshop please email us here. sharathbali@tarik.com