Shibuya Station West Exit Bus Terminal


To go to a studio in Mysore Tokyo, go up to the pedestrian bridge hanging on the 246th line on the left with the west exit of Shibuya station. As you go up you will see the Cerulean Tower Hotel, so head to the opposite lane.

The studio is right behind the Cerulean tower hotel in the picture below. Continue over the walking bridge until you cross to the same side of the street.


Continue down the stairs and up the hill. The Cerulean tower hotel will be on your left.


Continue to the top of the street. Cerulean tower is on your left


After the Cerulean Tower, there is a road that turns to the left soon so we turn there. (Since there is a red post near the corner, please make it a landmark.)


Walk on the right side of the street and head towards the red brick building in the center of the photo. There will be a small park with benches on your right. The cerulean hotel is on your left now.


Turn right right after the park and in front of the red brick building.   The red brick building below should be on your left.  Head to where the girl below is walking.


immediately at end of the red brick building, there is a small alleyway going uphill on your left. Turn left and proceed down the alleyway.


Continue to walk to the end of the Alley way. Rei Dance Studios and Mysore Tokyo will be on the left. 20m only.


Rei dance studio is just in front on the left.  Take the stairs downstairs into the studio.


Down the stairs here

unnamed (9)

Good job you made it!

unnamed (10)

Welcome to MysoreTokyo. Please come on in!  The reception is inside the studio practice space.

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